New & Replacement Water Supply Pipes

As specialist water engineers, Macmole's Moling Services are a minimal disruption solution to replace old or damaged water supply pipes. Most water pipes are installed long before the finishing process of any property occurs, meaning that they pass under lawns, driveways etc. The Moling process causes little visible surface disruption making it ideal to replace services without needing to break up your driveway or put a trench across your lawn!
Macmole are a Water Industry Approved Plumber
As a Water Industry Approved water engineers Macmole supply and install many water supply pipes throughout Kent, especially in Maidstone, Ashford, Tonbridge, but also Sussex and Essex. Our modern replacement water supply pipes are made from flexible and durable pastic material and will not corrode or break in the manner of traditional metal water supply pipes.

With 30 years experience in the provision of water supply and Moling services to both domestic and commercial needs, we believe our reputation was been desrvedly earned! 

Areas covered in Kent include: Ashford, Dover, Thanet, Canterbury, Maidstone, Medway Towns, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks, Gravesend and all nearby communities
Underground Impact Moling   -   Chain Trenching   -   Pipe Ramming.