Impact Moling is a pipe or duct installation / replacement technique in which a pneumatic piercing tool, the Mole, is used to create a bore hole between two particular  points. Typically a pit is dug at the start and finish points and the mole progresses horizontally between these points without surface disruption. The ground is compacted and displaced by the mole rather than excavated and removed .

This technique, also known as trenchless technology, is often favoured to install services such as:- Water pipes, Electric cables, Telephone ducting, Gas pipes, Drain & Sewer pipes and Ducts up to 150mm. Its non surface disruptive nature makes it very suited to go under Roads, Drives, Lawns, Buildings & Rough Terrain.


VT1. Moling under a tarmac path for a new irrigation system in Hyde Park, London.

VT2. Moling 2 new water supplies and electric duct under boundary wall at this prestigious home in Sevenoaks.

VT3. Moling under a road and installing blue duct for a new water supply in Ashford.


New water supply replacement in Kent 

A new water supply was required after a major leak occurred on this customers water supply. This leak occurred due to the age of the existing galvanised iron pipe. Over the years, corrosion and rust had eaten away at the iron and caused it too fail. 

To replace the pipe with minimum disturbance and added cost, we were able to mole multiple sections of the customers drive, avoiding trenching and maintaining the residential access. 

The shared drive added to the complications of the job where we had to avoid others services such as neighbours water and gas. 

By upgrading the water supply to 25mm blue plastic from the existing 1/2inch galvanised iron, from the water meter to the house, our customer solved his leak issue and has the bonus of a increased water flow. 

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