Impact Moling, Chain Trenching & Pipe Ramming

For nearly 30 years, Macmole have been providing Impact Moling, (Trenchless Technology)  Chain Trenching and Pipe Ramming expertise in South East England.

Our customers range from homeowners requiring new or replacement water pipes where the existing supply is leaking or has poor flow, through to builders, civil engineers and local authorities requiring larger installations of pipes, services and ducts.

Although we are well known as impact moling water supply specialists and do a great deal of domestic water supply pipe replacement, throughout SE England, (many older iron and lead water supply pipes are now in desperate need of replacement),  we also install electric cables, gas pipes, drain and sewer pipes and other underground ductwork. Our ability to install services with no surface disruption other than at entry and exit pits is a major advantage over open cut excavation methods, eliminating the time and cost of surface reinstatement and inconvenience to the general public and traffic.

Based in mid Kent,  our specialist Impact Moling, Chain Trenching and Pipe Ramming contractor equipment is easily transportable and we are ideally located to work throughout Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Essex and London.
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Areas covered in Kent include: Ashford, Dover, Thanet, Canterbury, Maidstone, Medway Towns, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks, Gravesend and all nearby communities
Underground Impact Moling   -   Chain Trenching   -   Pipe Ramming.